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Saya cuba untuk membuat beberapa bisnis secara online. Local n Global. Memang susah, siapa bilang senang. Namun semua ini saya harus pelajari sedikit demi sedikit. Bukan satu tapi banyak! Terima kasih kerna datang dan baca blog saya. Saya cuba ringkaskan sahaja. Panjang tidak best kalu ndada isinya. More blogs about iki70.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Salam n Welcome..

Dear Internet Friend,

CONGRATULATIONS! You have just taken the first step towards a new & amazing life!!
The Auto Pilot Online Biz System™ is a collection of TOP quality eMoney systems that shows the inside secrets, tips & techniques any internetpreneur need to know to earn a living on the web. YES!! Just like we claim, you could earn MORE THAN $600 daily by using the step by step guide system.

You have come to one of the few places on the web where you are going to receive REAL HELP for your financial future.

We're going to make this really simple and clear so that there is no confusion. You will have absolutely no problem setting up online accounts. Each one will be worth $40 - $600 a day, every day (and no, it's not surveys or some other nonsense).

We'll tell you what we'll do... If you're interested in setting up your online business and make MORE THAN $600 per day, pay close attention while we make you TWO PROMISES:

First we're going to promise you something that NO-ONE ELSE would ever dare to promise...
We promise that, if you follow the simple steps as laid down in the Auto Pilot Online Biz System™, by 5pm tomorrow, you'll have an 'order-pulling' website just like this one. Own over US$2,000 worth of eproducts which you can sell, use or giveaway. Give a few days of your spare time to market the website, then watch as the dynamics take over and your ATM account grow exponentially.

Here's a fact for you... and it might surprise you... When you acquire Auto Pilot Online Biz System™, you are granted THE REDISTRIBUTION & RESELL RIGHTS. That means you can sell and redistribute this incredible system just as often as you want.

THIS IS NOT A "GET-RICH-QUICK" SCHEME. Every business success needs effort-YOUR EFFORT. We're here to make it SIMPLER for you to achieve it.

THIS IS NOT MLM OR "PYRAMID" SCHEME. Every business effort to make the business successful should only reward YOU and not someone else. It should be 100% YOURS.

Important Note: We are NOT advocating a 'get rich over-night' scheme; there's really no such thing in legitimate business. We are talking about building up a respectable, enduring online business based on sound and imaginative business practice.

There is No Special Skills Needed to start this online business. Our system is explained in a clear & plain english. All you need is access to the internet and a handphone. THAT'S IT! You can work anywhere & whenever you wish.

This business is perfect for college students, young executives, stay at home moms & dads or anyone who needs more constant income!

With Auto Pilot Online Biz System™, you will learn how to:

Start your very own online biz in as little as 24 hours or less!

Generate more than $600-$1,800 per day everyday from your website.

Build & automate your website and work only 2-3 hours a day!

Reinvest & expand your online business when you get more customers.

Get #1 rankings in the search engines!

Be part of Auto Pilot Biz Team member circle to enjoy member's benefits.

Get more than 1,000 visitors to your website....for FREE!

Find HOT products that can sell like hot cakes.

Write sales letter that can increase sales by up to 400%.

Setup your online income accounts.

Setup your handphone to accept orders & confirm payment from customers.

Access your money online or through any ATM machine.

You will learn & own the step-by-step instructions that are FOOLPROOF!

Once your accounts are set up, you will be able to earn more than $600 in less than 3 hours work a day.

And the BEST part is, you will be able to access your money through any ATM machine. We will show you exactly how we manage that!! You will have CASH income EVERYDAY!! We're talking about DAILY INCOME that is automatic.

(Diatas adalah sebahagian daripada isi yang saya copy dan paste kan kat blog ni..)

Sejauh manakah kemampuan dan ketelusan ini sebenarnya bergantung atas usaha individu2 yang terlibat secara tidak langsung dengan epenny (orang yang membeli / membayar dengan harga RM40)...


SMS to 017-6316210 with message 'Order 9188'
Wait for our response.
Pay RM40 to Maybank A/C No: 514299322546 (najwa).
SMS again to 017-6316210 with message 'Payment RM40 completed on Date & Time'.
Once payment is confirmed, we will SMS you the website address to download the full products.

Terus-terang setakat nih saya belum buat brabis lagi.. dan setakat ni juga, saya pernah buat redirect saya ke dan selama ini juga belum pernah saya kontek admin

Apa yang saya dapat setelah membayar RM40 kepada Najwa.. sebuah website untuk saya promosikan. Hmm... sama ada cek yang dibank in yang i terima tu dari epenny atau mungkin lain.. lum tanya lagi ; )

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Blogger Askinstoo said...

hey guys! Found a place where you can make some extra cash. Just put in your
zip code and up will pop a bunch of places where you can make some extra cash. I live in a small town and found several.

9:43 PM  
Blogger Askinstoo said...

hey guys! Found a place where you can make some extra cash. Just put in your
zip code and up will pop a bunch of places where you can make some extra cash. I live in a small town and found several.

9:43 PM  

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